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Reliability and efficency organizing worldwide shipments

Air transport

Our long experience and the collaboration with the best national and international partners ensure the complete management, step by step, of your worldwide shipments with the high standards of reliability and efficency as we work in joint with the major air carriers on the market.

Availability, competence and professionalism characterize our services, as well as the ongoing advice and assistance on all the aspects of shipment:

  •  Documentation;
  •  Italian and foreign customs regulations;
  • Transport and delivery to final consignee.

Direct, consolidated and express service

Globe Transport ships various kinds of goods, with the possibility to organize the delivery in the main Italian cities through a trusted agent. We offer direct, groupage, and express services. DDU deliveries worldwide. AWB freight prepaid and collect, showing You as shipper.


Quotations for all the continents, control of incoming shipping.


Regular services from over 25 countries with weekly arrivals  …

Continua »Regular services from over 25 countries with weekly arrivals to our warehouses in Milan. Deliveries to all Italy through our network of freight forwarders.